Commercial Leasing for New Businesses

When considering a new commercial lease for your business, it is essential that you assemble the right team to assist you with assessing the value of the location and contract, negotiating and reviewing the lease terms, and assessing other important features of the building and location.  In addition to using the services of a commercial real estate broker and/or commercial leasing specialist, it is crucial that you engage a commercial lease attorney.  An attorney that is experienced in drafting, reviewing and negotiating the different material terms and clauses in a commercial lease can help ensure that you sleep better at night after signing a long term contract for new office or facility.

A commercial lease is a legally enforceable contact that will span a considerable amount of time, such as five years, and will becoming a significant part of your operating budget.  A commercial lease is unlike a residential lease in Massachusetts as the residential tenant protections do not apply in this area.  In this regard, commercial leases are regarded strictly as a business transaction and the commercial landlord is providing a significant amount of authority and rights over the commercial tenant.  There are many clauses concerning default, destruction of the property, base rent adjustments, maintenance expenses, and others that can shift financial and legal responsibility from the landlord to the tenant.  These clauses become traps for the unwary and the involvement of a commercial lease attorney can help you avoid these trap and put your business on the path to success. 

The Law Office of Stefan Cencarik, PLLC and its commercial lease attorneys (commercial real estate lawyers) are adept at drafting, reviewing, negotiating and consulting with clients on commercial leases.  We can also leverage an experienced trusted professional network so as to recommend the right consultant and brokers to help you find, select, and evaluate your next commercial lease property.