Commercial Purchase and Sale - Expanding your office or production space; buying land; developing condominiums or a new strip mall?  Our Lynnfield commercial real estate lawyers work closely with purchasers and sellers of commercial real estate, as well as handle all aspects of commercial financing from banks, equity partners, and other sources. The goal of ourcommercial real estate transaction practice to ensure that your interests and rights are protected; that you "close the deal" on time and on budget; and avoid any lingering liability at and after the closing.

Commercial Leasing - Entering into a commercial lease agreement is a long term time and financial commitment. Allow us to advise you on the important requirements, promises, warranties, responsibilities, and contingencies that are contained in your lease. We have experienced in working with some of the largest Real Estate Investment Trust landlords through small "mom and pop" commercial space landlords.  We can help you assemble or work with your team of trusted advisers to ensure that you are making the right long term commitment for your business. We can help you negotiate and renegotiate your commercial lease.  And, if your leasing relationship take a turn for the worse, we can advise, negotiate, and litigate your interests and claims. 

Commercial Landlords - Representing the interests of commercial landlords.  Owners of office buildings, strip malls and plazas, restaurants, and other commercial space require representation on all matters ranging from consulting, contracts and negotiation, tenant issues, compliance with local and State laws, and dispute resolution. 

Condominium Trusts - Condominiums create numerous problems and headaches for the trustees of a condominium trust, and it is important to retain counsel to ensure a swift resolution to condominium issues.  Unit owners who do not pay their monthly condominium dues or special assessment hurt the condominium as a whole.  Unit owners who do not abide by the condominium bylaws and restrictions can affect the living conditions and enjoyment of the condominium by all owners.  If you are a condominium trust or condominium association that requires advice and assistance in resolving issues with Unit owners, Attorney Stefan Cencarik can assist you.  Stefan has successfully represented condominium associations spanning from Dorchester to Amesbury, Massachusetts.