buyers of homes and condos

Our real estate lawyers located in Lynnfield of the North Shore  represent first time buyers and multi-time buyers of residential homes and condominiums throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Our real estate lawyers can represent your interests and ensure that your real estate transaction proceeds smoothly and closes on-time.  We can also take charge of your loan closing process, if you decide to inform your lender that you wish to use your own counsel.

We will represent you from the beginning, as soon as you have an accepted offer in hand, and will immediately work on negotiating and reviewing a purchase and sale agreement on your behalf.  We are deeply experienced in all types of real estate issues, such as contract problems, punch lists, hold backs, title issues, estate sales, violation of zoning laws, contract default, and others.  

Some of the functions we perform during a real estate transaction include: 

 Reviewing and editing the Purchase and Sale Agreement (“P&S”) with all applicable Addendums and Riders;

 Communicating and negotiating with counsel for the Seller;

 Ensuring that the Buyers is well informed throughout negotiations and the entire sale process

 For condominiums units, we review the condo documents, including the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, Bylaws, Budget, and important meeting minutes.  We then make appropriate recommendations;  

We conduct a 50 year title examination and review the title condition of the property;

Attend the closing and represent your interests. 

sellers of homes and condoS 

Our real estate lawyers of Lynnfield represent Sellers of homes and condominiums throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We are based in Lynnfield so we have deep knowledge of the professionals and properties located throughout the North Shore, including Lynnfield, Saugus, Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Marblehead, and all the way up to Newburyport. 

Our real estate lawyers are focused on closing on-time and ensuring the success of your important transaction.  We will represent you from the moment that you receive an offer until the point in which you receive sale proceeds from the sale of your home or condo.  We will draft and negotiate your purchase and sale agreement (P&S), help resolve any construction, repair, zoning or other issues, track down your lien and payoff information, draft your deed, and represent you at the closing.  We are also able to attend your real estate closing on your behalf by power of attorney. 

lenders and mortgage brokers 

Our real estate attorneys located in Lynnfield are experienced in serving as lender's counsel, and are certified title agents.  If you are buying a home or condo, our real estate lawyers can represent you and perform all of the lender work so that you may purchase the home. We perform the following on behalf of lenders: 

 Clearing any title issues and liens; 

Preparation of the Closing Disclosure ("CD")

Issuing a title opinion and Owner's and Lender's Title Insurance Policy; 

Preparation of closing documents and return of such documents in an efficient, organized and timely fashion; 

Conducting the closing, and disbursement of funds; 

Run down of title and recordation of deed, mortgages, and other certificates; 

Resolution of issues after closing, such as payment of mortgage liens, tracking mortgage discharges, property taxes, water/sewer charges, and others.