Representative Cases & Experience:


  • Serve as Buyers and Sellers counsel for the sale of a Massachusetts businesses with a starting transactional value of $1,000,000.00.

  • Serve as Bank Counsel for industry leading Massachusetts banks.

Real Estate and Construction  

  • Served as lead counsel and closing attorney for numerous commercial land,building, and business transactions with average value of $900,000.00, including medical and dental practices, supermarkets, shopping plazas, retail stores, and others. Closed over 100 residential mortgage loans and resolved title and boundary disputes on dozens of instances.

  • Successfully arbitrated and represented a general contractor in a breach of contract and G.L. 93A claim. Contractor was awarded legal fees and costs for the defense of the claims.

  • Represented various condominium associations from Boston to the north shore, and have obtained liens and judgments for overdue condominium fees and special assessments on delinquent units.

  • Represented two (2) residential homeowners against a general contractor who abandoned a substantial renovation project. Obtained a judgment for fraud on summary judgment.

  • Represented a purchaser of real estate against sellers of real estate who acted as their own broker, who actively concealed substantial water damage and flooding issues with a residential property. Insurance company paid claim and repaired property at a mid-six figure cost.

  • Successfully defeated a claim on summary judgment against property owners who were alleged to have improperly constructed and made misrepresentations concerning a 125' x 10' retaining wall that collapsed onto another property.

  • Prosecuted a fraudulent transfer of a jointly held real estate against a family member, and re-obtained title to the property.

  • Represented and mediated a resolution to a dispute among residentail landowners concerning a land encroachment issue and adverse possession claim;

  • Obtain recission of a residential mortgage loan that was obtained by fraud and based upon false pretenses.

Commercial / Intellectual Property

  • Prosecuted and mediated a claim against former business partners for breach of fiduciary duties concerning a joint venture in the health and wellness industry. Client was made whole and obtained a favorable settlement.

  • Mediated a dispute between two telecommunications providers to a favorable settlement for both parties that preserved a long-standing and lucrative business relationship.

  • Successfully mediated the exit of a business partner and investor in a tavern and restaurant venture.

  • Successfully defended and obtained summary judgment against a former Board of Director and Corporate Officer who claimed Copyright Infringement against a Massachusetts entity.

  • Successfully arbitrated a claim of a local retail service franchisee against a regional franchisor.

  • Collected on contractual amounts due and judgment from other business on a variety of cases with an aggregate value of $400,000.00.

Trust Litigation

  • Represented five (5) beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust that was dishonored by the trustee. The trust owned a portfolio of commercial real estate, and refused to disburse income and principal to the beneficiaries, or account for assets. Stefan obtained a substantial monetary settlement two weeks prior to trial.

  • Defended the Trustee of an irrevocable family trust and negotiated a monetary settlement of 15% of the Plaintiff's demand.

  • Defended two (2) commercial property owners that were alleged to have entered into a constructive trust for the benefit of a third party.

  • Defended and represented two (2) trustees of a family trust who were alleged to have abandoned their duties.

  • Represented the beneficiary of a family trust concerning issues of trustee's failure to make disbursements, account, and commingling of assets.

  • Prosecuted claims of a a beneficiary of a special needs trust against a Trustee who commingled, wasted, and used trust assets for personal use.

Personal Injury

  • Represented various injured parties involved in auto accidents, slip and fall, and emotional and physical harm cases.

  • Represented a child and family involved in an automobile accident involving the child who was run over by an 85 year old Massachusetts resident. Case successfully settled after completion of discovery.

  • Represented a family whose father died of malignant mesothelioma.


  • Represented a consumer and obtained summary judgment against Bank of America in an exception to discharge and fraud cases. Successfully defeated appeal and was awarded additional sanctions upon denial of the appeal.

  • Represented a real estate developer in a copyright infringement action, and obtained a settlement for 20% of the case value.

  • Represented a consumer family that was denied a bankruptcy discharge (represented by prior counsel), and resolved fraud claims by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.

  • Litigated a G.L. 93A claim against a top-five bank and mortgage lender. Defendant proposed and entered into settlement worth six figures.

  • Tried a denial of discharge complaint and counterclaims for violation of discharge order. Judgment entered in favor of our client for sanctions and emotional distress damages.

  • Tried a claim filed against a commercial real estate investor and was awarded judgment and title to a property in Wellesley with a seven-figure value.

  • Filed and appeared in over 290 consumer and business Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases.