How can we help your business? 

Outside General Counsel - We can act and serve as your outside general counsel. This provides you the added benefit of having a trustworthy, reliable and responsive greater Boston lawyer at your disposal.  You can save the human resource expense of hiring your own in house counsel by retaining our firm as outside general counsel. 

Legal and Business Issue Resolution - Each and every business will face legal issues and liability from within and outside the business itself.  Our greater Boston business and commercial litigation lawyers can examine and identify sources of liability; make recommendations to avoid and minimize lawsuits and insurance claims; manage your litigation and insurance claim issues; as well as serve as your lead or support litigation counsel.  Many issues can be resolved prior to a court lawsuit or insurance claim.  Our focus is resolution without the costly and time consuming litigation process. 

Employment / Human Resources - All employers must treat and administer its employee and contractor relationships according to Federal, State and local laws.  This includes laws against discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour, overtime laws, and many others. It is also crucial that employers protect their own interests in their information, data, clients, products, services, and brand against misuse or profiteering by former employees. Our greater Boston employment and commercial lawyers can provide a full assessment of the legal compliance of your business as well as put in place the necessary contractual and policy safeguards to keep your business out of trouble. 

Business or Asset Purchase and Sale - If you are buying or selling an asset or your business it is crucial that you retain one of our greater Boston commercial transaction lawyers.  Many business deals fall apart and end up in litigation or one party will forfeit deposits or lose other economic opportunities.  It is essential that your business retain counsel to oversee your transaction so as to ensure that your rights and interests are protected, as well as ensuring that any representations or warranties that survive a deal closing do not come back to haunt you in a courtroom battle. 

Contracts - Legal agreements and contracts are the backbone of any business positioned for growth. 

Partner, Founder, and Shareholder Matters - Formation and creation of new business partnership and enterprises among groups of founders, investors, friends and family.


We represent various small business owners across Eastern Massachusetts. Restaurants, taverns, marinas, retail stores, health, wellness, and fitness facilities, and other main street businesses make up the majority of the small businesses that our firm represents each and every day.  Our corporate, commercial, and/or business lawyers can help position your business for success.