Real Estate enterprises & investors

We represent Real Estate Enterprises and Investors in Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk County Massachusetts that are dedicated to expanding and efficiently managing their real estate portfolios.


lEASES, tenants & All the problems to come

Acquisition of a building or multi-family that lets units to residential tenants involves complex issues and significant liability for Massachusetts property owners and landlords. We can help you structure your dealings with your tenants, advise you on the various issues that may arise during a tenants and, if necessary, step in to help you resolve those issues.    



Many real estate investors purchase an existing property for re-development into condominiums, or desire to develop a condominium complex from the ground up. We can represent and advise you in all steps of the condominium process, from development of your plans, variances, permits and licensing, drafting condominium documents, and the ultimate sale of the individual units.


real estate portfolio acquisition & dEVELOPMENT