Business, Real Estate & Probate-Estate lawyers

We are a boutique law firm that provides five star, experienced counsel and legal services to clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts.   We are specialists in property and contract law. We practice Real Estate Law; Corporate-Business Law, Probate-Estates and Transactions. Our goal is simple: we want you to have a five star experience with your attorney, and be satisfied with your result. We are located in Lynnfield, Massachusetts in the heart of the Northshore of Massachusetts. 

our commitment to our clients: 

  • Professional ownership and enthusiasm for each project and client engagement; 

  • Communications, updates and work product response in real time; 

  • Reasonable, competitive rates (Flat fees and creative billing; no nickel and dime billing);

  • No layers of admins screening your calls, and no un-returned phone calls and e-mails;

  • Efficiency and results focused;

  • Work begins expeditiously; we will not delay your objectives; 

  • Free consultation | Weekend and evening appointments available.


Practice Areas & Services Provided:

Business Law

We represent business owners, partners, and entrepreneurs who understand the value of a business attorney when it comes to expanding, protecting, and operating the business. We provide legal services as follows:

Real Estate

Our Attorneys provide comprehensive real estate law services. If you are looking for a great experience with a real estate attorney, you can rely on us to provide you with representation in the following areas:

rEAL ESTATE. business. transaction. TRUSTS & ESTATE LAWYERS.

rEAL ESTATE. business. transaction. TRUSTS & ESTATE LAWYERS.

Northshore Legal LLC is a boutique law firm located in Lynnfield, Massachusetts that focuses on the legal service and consulting needs for clients in Eastern Massachusetts. Our objective is provide clients highly personalized, responsive, and experienced legal service. 


We are experienced transaction Attorneys located in Lynnfield that specialize in commercial lender transactions, the purchase and sale of fixed assets (real estate), and the purchase and sale of privately held businesses.

  • Sale of Privately Held Businesses

  • Representation of Institutional Lenders

  • Seller Financing

  • Sale of Assets