The Law Office of Stefan Cencarik, PLLC specializes in consulting and providing related legal services to Massachusetts new businesses enterprises, partnerships and entrepreneurs.  Starting your business on the right track is essential for the growth and long term health of any business. Our kick off services include selection and formation of business organization; consulting with business partners and founders; drafting organizational documents and partners / shareholder agreements; and assisting with bank and private financing. I can also work with groups of founders and partners to help ensure that all of your interests and rights are protected from the outset.  

start-up / formation services

  1. Partnership & Operating Agreements
  2. Shareholder Agreements
  3. Corporate Bylaws
  4. Choice of Entity
  5. State & Local Registration
  6. Working with groups of founders and partners on creation of business entity

Legal services and consulting related to business startup is essential investment for long term success.  Many new businesses, entrepreneurs, and partners often overlook critical legal steps in the early stages of the business. This oversight can be problematic once the business begins to grow or if it faces an internal or external legal issue.