Starting a new business or partnership? Our business attorneys can help you make the critical early decisions and set you on the path to success.

There are many important decisions that an entrepreneur must make at the outset of any new business enterprise. Our Attorneys will work closely with you to determine your objectives, potential areas of liability and other risks, as well as desired organization structure. If you are acquiring an existing business, we can perform an assessment whether it is in your best interest and advantageous to start a new entity to acquire the target business. We can assist your busisness operations in the following areas:

Partnership & Operating Agreements - We draft Operating Agreements for Massachusetts Limited Liability Companies. We will meet directly with you and your partners and make several recommendations for structuring your partnership. These agreements are, in part, highly customized to the individual partner needs, interests, and concerns, as well as to the applicable industry and business landscape.

Shareholder Agreements - We draft Shareholder Agreements for Massachusetts Corporations. We can help set the rules about the various rights, interests, and responsibilities of each shareholder. For most small businesses, ownership of stock is insufficient without a set of rules that allow you to set voting rights, conditions on the transfer or sale of shares to a third part, and the like issues.

Corporate Bylaws - We draft Corporate Bylaws that set the rules on how your Massachusetts Corporation is operated and administered. This is an important Corporate formality that must be complied with in order to maintain the limited liability that a Massachusetts Corporation provides.

Choice of Entity- Massachusetts Corporation, Non-profit Corporation, Limited Liability Company, and others. There are many choices of entity available in Massachusetts. We will conduct an analysis of your desired ownership and operations structure , as well as tax objections, and help you select the correct entity for your business.

Permits, Licensing and Compliance - What are the specific sets of rules and regulations that apply to your desired business, and what is your plan for compliance? We can help you develop a plan for complying with all Federal, State and Local rules and regulations that are personified by permits, licensing as well as active and passive compliance with those set of rules.