Northshore Legal LLC specializes in consulting and providing related legal services to Massachusetts local businesses and entrepreneurs.  Whether you you are an experienced business person or have just entered the world of entrepreneurship, we are committed to providing you with the guidance and protection necessary for you to avoid pitfalls and be positioned for success. We work with established, emerging, start-up businesses and independent entrepreneurs alike. Are you purchasing or considering the purchase of a new business? The purchase of an existing business or entering a new partnership is a minefield of financial and legal liability. In order to avoid stepping on one of these mines, it is essential that you contact our qualified and experienced business attorneys to ensure that your interests and rights are protected in any transaction.  

We provide the following services related to the purchase and sale of a business:

  1. Asset Purchase Agreements - Offer, Acceptance, Letter of Intent & Purchase and Sale Agreements

  2. Business Purchase Agreements / Purchase and Sales Agreements

  3. Stock or Membership Interest Purchase & Sales Agreements

  4. Services related to business purchase and sale: Due Diligence; Negotiation; Consulting; & Coordination of professional team.

  5. Letters of Intent / Memorandum of Understanding

  6. Fundraising & Investment - Private equity & Institutional Lending

  7. Legal and Regulatory Compliance - Legal standing, licenses, permits, variances

  8. Internal Compliance - Human resources; Company policies & Employee manuals

  9. Dispute Resolution - External vendors, strategic partners, investors & employees

  10. Choice of Entity, Start-Up & Formation - Set up your new business / partnership

  11. Due Diligence for Business, Asset, Stock, Membership Interest or Equipment Purchase - Investigate and review the claims, financials, liabilities, and other issues affecting a company or asset prior to your purchase.

  12. Franchise Purchases - Review franchise agreement and disclosures; due diligence

  13. Equipment Purchase Agreements - Bill of Sale & Agreement

  14. Commercial Real Estate Leases - Work with commercial landlords and businesses concerning lease agreements

  15. Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sales

  16. Private Loan Agreements, Promissory Notes, UCC Liens & Mortgages

  17. Employment Agreements / Independent Contractor Agreements

  18. Non-Disclosure Agreements / Non-Compete Agreement / Non-Solicitation Agreement

  19. Manufacturing Agreement / Shipping Agreement / Licenses

  20. Intellectual Property Agreements - Registration, Licenses, Assignment & Sale

Start-Up / Formation

  1. Partnership & Operating Agreements

  2. Shareholder Agreements

  3. Corporate Bylaws

  4. Choice of Entity

  5. State & Local Registration

bREAK-UPS, Wind down & dissolution

  1. Partnership & Shareholder Buyouts

  2. Asset Sales / Liquidation

  3. Employee Termination / Layoffs

  4. Payment of Creditors / Negotiation

  5. Commercial Landlord Relations