Trust & Estate Litigation

The Northshore Legal represents Trustees and Beneficiaries for nearly twelve years, and has a proven success record in obtaining substantial monetary awards for our clients.  Trusts are now commonly used by estate planners to avoid probate, minimize tax, and provide greater control over how assets and income will be distributed.  However, Trusts are a growing breeding ground for mismanagement, abuse, and frivolous claims,  Trusts, by its very nature, requires a substantial amount of confidence in the estate planning attorney, the trustee's ability to fairly and competently manage the trust as well as the interests and needs of the trust beneficiaries. This balance is extremely difficult to maintain, and most trusts walk this legal tightrope.  If you are a beneficiary or trustee of a trust, and have questions about your rights and interests, contact us immediately for a free, no obligation consultation.   


Trust Beneficiary Claims

We zealously and confidently represent Trust Beneficiaries who have legal and equitable claims against Trustees and Trusts.  Let us apply our substantial experience and success in this very specialized area to help you obtain justice fair monetary distributions, greater trust transparency, and to hold Trustee's liable for their own malfeasance or fraud. Trusts are a breeding ground for mismanagement, abuse, fraud, and self-dealing, particularly when a trustee is a family member, or inexperienced at managing assets or personal relationships.    


Defense of Trustees and Trusts

We assertively defend Trustees and Trusts against claims by beneficiaries who are seeking to "break" the trust or request the removal of a trustee.  We defend Trustees of Trusts from accounting actions, as well as claims for fraud or breach of fiduciary duty based on allegations of self-dealing and others. Not all claims have merit. Count on our experience in this highly specialized field to help you and the trust succeed in any dispute. 


Estate & Property Distribution

Are you rights and property interests being represented and protected during the administration of an Estate? Do you have access to all of the financial and asset information? Are you getting your fair share of the estate? Is the estate being consumed by expenses and legal fees? We decisively represent estate beneficiaries to ensure that they are treated fairly and receive their fair share of the estate assets.