Are you purchasing, selling or leasing commercial property and have now experienced a substantial issue during the sale process? What are your rights and remedies if a potential buyer or seller of commercial real estate decides to pull out of a deal?  Not all commercial real estate purchase and sales, and/or leases, go according to plan. in most circumstances, your rights will be governed by your agreement or memorandum of understanding / term sheet. However, not all conduct by the parties is governed by this document if one of the parties, for example, conceals information or knowingly makes material misrepresentations. If your deal is falling apart, and you have a sense that litigation may become necessary, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.  


We represent commercial landlords, including owners of shopping plazas, strip malls, office buildings, and other industrial and commercial spaces. We can handle tough cases involving Massachusetts and Greater Boston commercial tenants. If your tenant has failed to pay rent pursuant to a commercial lease, or has notified you that it has filed Bankruptcy or is in receivership, we can help protect your rights and ensure that you are not the one left holding the bag when the tenant's business dissolves.  Is your commercial tenant violating other material parts of the lease agreement, or causing issues for your other commercial tenants? We resolve all types of breach of commercial lease agreement and tort claims on behalf of commercial landlords.